Towards People's Raj
Speech at Public Meeting,
Lahore, May 1,1970

What is the objective of the progressive parties of Pakistan? Their only objective is the eradication of poverty and exploitation from Pakistan. Pakistan did not come into being to be ruled by a few capitalists. I have just returned from a tour of the NWFP. The wheat harvest is being reaped these days. I have seen with my own eyes that not only our brothers and sisters are working in the fields but also small innocent children of nine and ten years who are clad in rags and are barefooted. In other countries, the children of this age receive free education. We have to bring this in­justice to an end. We have to bring to an end this oppression and exploi­tation. When we declare that we shall eradicate exploitation and tyranny from the country, some people say that we want to endanger Islam. Islam is not at all in danger. We are all Muslims and Pakistan is a Muslim country. Islam can never be in danger in Pakistan. I have a firm belief that Pakistan is a strong country and will live forever. Islam is not in danger. The capitalists and their stooges are in danger. The agents of capitalism are in danger. Those people who have exploited the masses are in danger. They cannot sleep soundly these days even with the help of sleeping pills.

We want a constitution. We shall try our best to give the country a constitution. A constitution is the fundamental law and we need it. But my dear brothers, please remember that if you are hungry you cannot eat the constitution. If your children need education and you don't have any money, the constitution cannot serve as a school. If you are in need of employment, the constitution cannot serve as a factory to provide you employment. If you are in need of a house, the constitution cannot be a substitute for that. In spite of this we shall strive hard to frame a constitu­tion for the country. We want a people's constitution, a people's Raj, a people's government, a government of the workers, farmers and students. We believe in democracy and elections. We do not want frauds in the name of the elections. The first Round Table Conference was convened by Ghulam Mohammad when he dissolved the sovereign Constituent Assembly. Later, Ayub Khan convened another Round Table Conference. We did not go to the Round Table Conference. If has to be an election to the Constituent Assembly, this Assembly must be a sovereign body and must act as a people's Constituent Assembly.




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