Forming a Revolutionary Party
Speech at Quetta Reception,
June 13, 1970

Yesterday you took out a great and successful procession. I thank you and the party workers without whose efforts it could not have been organised. We should continue to give the highest importance to discipline in our party. When the Pakistan People's Party came into being, it gave a manifesto to the people. This manifesto was given at a time when there was no question of elections. We are following the same manifesto and -working for its implementation. We need a strong organisation. It is difficult to organise a party in the beginning. I am happy that this basic work is being done gradually and now our organisation is well grounded.

You will recall that I also came to this city when the party had not been formed. A reception was arranged in this same garden. One of my friends had then come to me and asked me to form a party. I had already decided to do so but I had not announced it. At that time press representatives and other friends asked me about my future plans. I told them that I planned to, form a revolutionary party, a progressive party, a people's party which should work according to the needs of the time. Its main purpose would be to bring about a change in the economic system because this is the need of the hour. I was told that it would not be easy to form such a party in Pakistan.

My friends told the that there were so many parties in Pakistan and a new one was not needed. There were perhaps seven or eight parties. Later, a few more parties were formed. It was also said that there was dictatorship in the country and the dictator would put hurdles in our way and it would be difficult to proceed. I told them that that I knew it was going to be a diffi­cult task but I believed that without struggle and sacrifice nothing could be achieved. For the last two decades there has been no proper political activity in our country. A few politicians along with some army officers ruled the country most of this time. To form a revolutionary party was an uphill task but we were determined to face the difficulties. You have seen that in spite of many hindrances we have formed this party.

I am not going to make a speech because it is not a political reception. People from all parties have joined this reception. I am grateful to them for accepting our invitation and do not want to misuse this opportunity. They may not like me to talk about my party. The People's Party has to do a lot of constructive work. It has a manifesto. It has a philosophy. It is following certain principles. We need not indulge in false propaganda and speeches against other parties. We have to do our work. I haven't come here to make a political speech. I have respect for all the elderly people from other parties who are sitting here. Democracy demands patience with others. After the establishment of Pakistan people did not tolerate differences of opinion. The Governments put their opponents in jail. This did not serve any political purpose. Political issues should be solved through poli­tical methods by going to the people because the people's verdict is final.

You have seen two constitutions in 22 years in Pakistan. India gained her independence at the same time. They framed a constitution which may have its faults but it has been working successfully. On the other hand, both the constitutions in Pakistan failed, because the people had no say in their framing. No fundamental question can be solved permanently without a final decision being taken by the people. We welcome the workers and the leaders of other parties who have come to attend this reception. We are holding a public meeting tomorrow. Our friends from Kalat and local workers will make speeches. We shall explain our party's stand on different issues. That will be a political meeting.

In the end I want to say something political with your permission. It has been said that the Pakistan People's Party does not exist in Baluchistan. Tomorrow you will see that the Pakistan People's Party is very much here. I am grateful to my friends and brothers who are standing outside. I am sorry that the police had to take the trouble of coming on duty again.




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