Go From Door to Door
Speech at the Opening of the Orangi P.P.P. Office,
Karachi, July 7, 1970

The first and foremost principle of the Pakistan People's Party is that Islam is our religion. We would sacrifice our lives for Islam. We are always ready to offer any sacrifice for its cause. Pakistan came into being because we are all Muslims. Had we not been Muslims, Pakistan would never have come into existence and there would have been no need at all to create this country.

It is against this background that our party's foremost principle is that Islam is our religion. We also say at the same time that democracy is our polity. It is because democracy leads to the formation of popular govern­ments. In democracy the people's voice is heard. The people have a say in forming or undoing a government. Hence our profession that democracy is our polity. Our third principle is that socialism is our economy, our economic system.

Do you see how much propaganda is being launched against this word socialism and for what? I may tell you that it is only in Pakistan that such propaganda is being carried on.

The struggle for socialism is progress even in countries like England but there socialism is not described as anti-religion. Those who are against socialism there would never say it was against Christianity. Nowhere in the world is socialism criticised for its alleged conflict with religion.

You have democracy in Islam. Had democracy not been provided for in Islam, you would never have struggled for it. Had it been against Islam... you would have opposed democracy. Since Islam is the basis of democracy, and democracy is in the very roots of Islam, it follows that democracy is not against Islam, but when socialism is mentioned, it is described as anti-religion. Socialism is a Western term, just as "jamhooriat" is called democracy, but no one is against "jamhooriat''. Socialism in our language means "Musawat." So why should we be against "Musawat"? Why do they not want "Musawat"? Is it against Islam? If democracy is not against Islam, then nor is "Musawat."

My dear brothers and sisters, as I told you yesterday, nobody can stop "Musawat" from being enforced in this country. I can assure you, and it is my promise to you, that the Pakistan People's Party, my colleagues and myself will firmly stand by you. We shall not pause in our struggle until we have completely eliminated misery and poverty from the country. On my part, I am prepared for any sacrifice. I have already gone to jail once, but I am prepared to go to jail again. This is of no consequence considering the objective before us.

Our struggle is based on principles, a struggle for truth and for right; an epoch-making struggle. Had I wished, I would have continued to cling to power like others, sucking your blood. But I am against all that. I want justice in Pakistan. I want an end to all exploitation in Pakistan. What good will it do to me to persecute my people, to exploit my people? If I have to serve my nation, my country, I should do it with a clear conscience. Otherwise, I have no right to remain in politics. Why should I side with those doing injustices I shall follow the right path. I could have further strengthened the grip of exploitation by supporting them. But I detest that. I don't want that. Because that system is against the people of Pakistan. I cannot support any anti-people system and an anti-people government.

It is a pity we should be accused of weakening our religion when we demand schools for our children, the restoration of the rights of labourers and an economic system under which this country can prosper. We are not weakening our religion nor do we want to do that. We only want to Strengthen Pakistan.

How will Pakistan become strong? It will become strong only when her labourers and students will get strong. If the majority of the people are poor; if the majority of the people are dying of hunger; if they are weak, how can Pakistan become strong? What after all is Pakistan? Pakistan means the people of Pakistan. If the people of Pakistan are weak, Pakistan can in no circumstances be strong. We want to make our country strong. We want to serve our country as well as our religion. It pains us to hear that those wanting to serve the country are called infidels. Are there not enough infidels in the world? If our opponents want to fight infidels, they can find them in Israel and India.

We have been struggling for democracy. But democracy alone will not do. We certainly want democracy. We have been fighting for demo­cracy. And we have faced and fought against dictatorship. But I want to make it absolutely clear that democracy alone is not enough. We cannot progress unless we make fundamental changes in our economic system.

It is time for the Pakistan People's Party to strengthen its roots. You have to strengthen its roots. It is your party. It has been set up for you. The very name of the party means it belongs to the people of Pakistan. It is not my party, nor is it the party of any individual. It belongs to all of you.

We are not a rich party, unlike the Jamat-i-Islami or Ayub Khan's Muslim League which had thirty million rupees. We do not even have three hundred rupees. We have no wealth but our wealth lies in your strength and force. That is all we need.

It is time for you to strengthen your own party. You have to face and counter the propaganda that your party will take you away from Islam. As Muslims, you should go from door to door, meet the people, train them politically and answer false propaganda. It is the duty of political parties to educate the people and to counter what is said against them.

You have to set up offices. You have to pay attention to organisational matters because no party can be run without organisation. In fact there is need for organising the party. You have to acquaint yourself with the party principles. You have to think them over. Do not think you will get your. rights so easily. You will have to fight for them.

The people should not think they will get their rights while sitting7 idle at home. You will have to undertake a long struggle. You cannot do ail this with one stroke. You should be ready to work. We are with you, If you are vigilant no anti-people conspiracy can ever succeed.

You will remember Ayub Khan tried to hatch an anti-people conspiracy through the Round Table Conference. It was aimed at compromising with the right wing parties and to protect the citadel of exploitation. All the parties that had once been against Ayub Khan went to the Round Table Conference. They went to strengthen Ayub Khan's hands. They did so because they had identical economic views. They may have wanted democracy, but they were all one on the fundamental question of the eco­nomic system. They participated in the Round Table Conference, although they had once opposed the idea of attending it and reaching any agreement with Ayub Khan. But when they saw that their common ideas, their common points of view were in danger they rushed to Rawalpindi.

Later, they started propaganda against me saying that the conference did not succeed because of my non-participation; How could I go into a conference that was being held against the interests of the people? How could I support a front that was being made against the people? Had I participated in it, the movement going on? In the country would have ended. Ayub Khan only wanted to sabotage the people's struggle one way or the other. However, no anti-people conspiracy can ever succeed here. It may succeed temporarily, it will certainly be defeated in the end. I de­clare that if any anti-people front in set up here, we will fight against it tooth and nail and will bury it deep.




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