Fourth Speech of the Day
Public Speech at Lahore,
November 3, 1970

I am very grateful to you that you have taken the trouble of coming to this meeting. I am very happy to speak to you. The Pakistan People's Party represents the poor masses of the country. We are determined to serve the poor people of Pakistan, the workers and the peasants. It is because of your support that this party has achieved so much success. It is my strong faith that you will take the right decision in the elections. You must take into consideration the political history of the country. You should try to assess the services rendered by each party in the past. Our party has made sacrifices for the common man. It has given an independent foreign policy to Pakistan. It faced Indian aggression bravely and it toppled the dictatorship of Ayub Khan. This party is supporting the poor people of Pakistan. It is fighting against capitalism and exploitation.

Because we want to eradicate poverty and hunger and because we want to stamp out capitalism and establish a system based on Islamic equality, the enemies of people are joining hands to defeat us. I am sure that you will frustrate their designs and support the Pakistan People's Party.



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