Cable to Mujib
March 9, 1971

I am deeply distressed and profoundly concerned over the recent turn of events in our country I grieve for our countrymen who have lost their lives in this crisis. My heart goes out to the bereaved families. We seek a new order for Pakistan—an order where exploitation of man by man or of region by region—comes to an end. Let us strive to enshrine such a new order not only in the constitution but in the hearts of all Pakistanis.

We are faced with a crisis of the gravest magnitude. The future of our country hangs in the balance. Both of us carry an extremely heavy responsi­bility and everything humanly possible must be done to avert the disaster that threatens us. It must be our common objective that Pakistan be saved and set on the road to peace and progress in which both wings of the country can play their full part.

The unfortunate crisis that has since developed leads me to believe that we have come to a stage when the two wings of Pakistan must immediately reach a common understanding if the country is to be saved and the country must be saved whatever the cost.

To overcome the present crisis, every effort roust be made to bring the people of the two wings together. Every effort must be made to erase the bitterness and misgivings engendered during the past 23 years. Every effort must be directed to preserve the unity and solidarity of the people of Pakistan so that they may march forward hand in hand as brothers.

I am prepared to visit Dacca again immediately to meet you and to devise a common solution to end the crisis that faces the country so that the Assem­bly can proceed with the framing of the constitution.

Let not the people say nor history afterwards record that we have failed them.




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