Power Must Be Transferred
Public Meeting at Hyderabad,
September 8, 1971

I have no hesitation in making it clear today that our main interest is not in power being transferred to PPP. Our purpose, with the support of the people, is to continue to struggle against the oppressive rule of capitalists and industrialists. We are being asked to fulfil our election pledges. Maybe there is no pressure on the Government but we are under tremendous pressure from students, peasants and workers. They want to see prosperity come to the people of Pakistan. Those who offered sacrifices for Pakistan wish to see their dreams come true. It is unfortunate that vested interests are engaged in conspiracies against the People's Party.

We are not hankering after power. Who would want power at this stage when rulers have reduced the country to a state where the exchequer is empty. But we owe a duty to the electorate. We. therefore, feel that the President should take an immediate decision. No problem can be solved by ignoring the people, nor can the present crisis be resolved.

I am 43 and I have the strength and courage to organise a movement. When the time comes I will prove it. Those who oppose the transfer of power are toadies and conspirators. We know who they are and who is at their back. A demand for fresh elections is being made. It is an evil conspiracy hatched by defeated politicians. The President has already ruled it out but the demand continues. It is strange that no action is being taken against them. My party has decided that if fresh elections are held, we will not parti­cipate in them although we would win a more derisive victory than in the last elections.

We did not frame the Legal Framework Order. We did not hold the elections. It is not we who have repeatedly declared that power will be transferred to a representative government. Why is there no civilian govern­ment in Pakistan? During the Second War, there was a civilian government in Britain, a representative government. The press and courts remained free. What is happening in Pakistan today? On the one hand, there is a committee which is said to be considering Pakistan's withdrawal from the Common­wealth; on the other, an economic delegation is preparing to leave for Britain. The Indo-Soviet Treaty is criticised and at the same time the Foreign Secretary is sent on a visit 10 Moscow. There is utter confusion.

I warn the conspirators that they should cease their conspiracies. We will defeat all enemies of the people. When I was a student in Bombay, the Quaid-i-Azam directed me to lead a demonstration of the students. Our commitment is total. Let me make it clear that if the conspiracies against us do not stop, we will see how mills and banks continue to function, how the educational institutions remain open. There have been changes among the Government's Advisers. These changes are futile. Advisers cannot be impar­tial, nor do we accept unrepresentative Governors. We want a complete transfer of power because only the people's representatives can solve the people's problems.




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